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House Cleaners and Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Daily Cleaning Services

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Weekly Cleaning Services

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Monthly Cleaning Services

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

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Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

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Sheer Perfection Cleaning

To all our valued clients. We are so sorry to say that as of right now we are fully booked and regret that we cannot take more business at this time.

We are looking to expand and will hopefully have new staff resources soon! Thank you!

Amazing Prices!

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary Offers Some Of If Not The Best Rates In The City. Our Prices and What We Offer Makes Our Value Second to None!

We have some AMAZING DISCOUNT programs for our loyal customers. When you sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleans. We appreciate every one of our customers!

Professional Cleaning Services

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary; We are trained professional Maid Cleaners with over 20 years of experience. We expect nothing but the best from ourselves for our customers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction with our cleaning is guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome contact us and we will correct it!

Our Rates

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary easily has some of the best rates in Calgary for professional cleaning services.


Concierge Service

Concierge Service for our customers. Simply contact us to make adjustments to your requested cleaning.

Green Products

Many of our customers like green eco friendly products. We use a wide array of cleaning supplies just let us know if you’d like to go green.

Laundry Service

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary also offers laundry cleaning services options for our customers.

Having Your Calgary Home or Office Professionally Cleaned Has Never Been Easier Or More Cost Effective

House Cleaners and Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

You can have your home or office cleaned in one easy step…call Maid Cleaning Services Calgary and let us do the “dirty work!”


House Cleaners Commercial Cleaners and Maid Cleaning Services Calgary


Maid cleaning Services Calgary is your premier trusted residential home cleaners and commercial cleaners. When searching for reliable trusting Calgary home cleaners and commercial cleaning services you need to look no further! We are very flexible and will work out a custom cleaning plan that suits your exact needs. With very affordable rates you will be thrilled with what we can accomplish for you. Having your home or office professionally cleaned has never been easier or more cost effective.

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary knows you will love what we do for you…guaranteed.  We are professional cleaners and we’ve worked incredibly hard to supply our customers with honest, friendly, trusting and reliable cleaning services. This is our business and company, we complete all the cleanings so you know it will be done right. We are not a “franchise” cleaner who hires anyone to fill the position. We are true hard working cleaners who have built our business on trust, honesty and customer satisfaction. This is why our customers always trust us to clean their homes regularly.

We are able to keep our prices lower than most other Calgary Cleaners as our overhead is much lower. We do not have to charge you to supply a fleet of cars or keep a fancy office to make us look superior. We let ourselves and the satisfaction of our brilliant cleaning services show how exemplary Maid Cleaning Services Calgary is. Our goal is to offer the best cleaning services possible in Calgary. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the cleaning job we have completed, please contact us and we will ensure your satisfaction.

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services is perfect for those homes or offices that have not had a professional clean completed in the last year. We will do a complete consultation walkthrough with you to determine exactly what you need and would like cleaned. A deep cleaning goes far beyond dusting the surface. A deep cleaning will consist of scrubbing deep into the locations that are not usually cleaned on a regular basis.

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Regular Cleaning Services

Regular Calgary cleaning services consist of either daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly cleanings. We will customize a tailored cleaning schedule that fits you, your families lifestyle and budget perfectly. Regular cleanings will commence usually after we do our first deep cleaning for (if necessary). When we complete the initial deep cleaning walk through we’ll also discuss all your regular cleaning needs to continue forward.

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Weekly Cleaning Srvices

Weekly Maid Cleaning Services Calgary is by far our most popular option that our customers choose. We typically start off with a deep clean (if needed) it’s not always necessary. Once we determine your weekly cleaning needs we’ll schedule a regular week day to clean your home. Once we’re complete it will shine for you when you come home!

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Monthly Cleaning Services

Our third most popular option is a 30 day clean. Like the weekly cleans the initial clean may require a deep cleaning, then we’ll schedule a once a month cleaning that will consist of all your cleaning requirements that will leave your home gleaming and spotless!

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Bi - Weekly Cleaning Services

Our Second most popular cleaning service that our customers choose. We will set up a custom cleaning service twice monthly that will suite you and your families needs. When we complete our initial walkthrough we’ll set up your customized cleaning service.

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Spring Fall Cleaning Services

Spring and Fall cleanings. There is nothing like a Spring clean! Twice a year during the Spring and Fall time frames (or really whenever you like) we will complete a deep cleaning customized to your families needs.

The Health Importance Of Having A Clean Home

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary and the crucial health benefits of having a clean home and office. Your home is your castle, your personal space for you and your family. Your home protects you, keeps you warm, gives you water on demand, light with the flick of a switch and shelter from the severe Calgary elements. Your home… the one place you can sleep soundly, have family celebrations and dinners. Enjoy family movie nights and create memories that will last a lifetime.

You can design, colour, shape and decorate your home to suite you and your families personal style. It awards you with a sense of security and comfort that can’t be found anywhere else. Your home loves you, you should love your home back. Keeping your home clean not only benefits your physical health but also your mental health. It’s been proven over and over that a clean living and working environment increases your mood hormones to happier levels and increases your efficiency.

A clean tidy environment truly makes you feel better. If you’ve ever found yourself coming home from a hard day at work only to walk into a dirty cluttered home with unmade beds, dirty floors and a sink full of dirty dishes makes you feel even worse! Now imagine coming home to a crystal clean home with a sparkling kitchen and perfectly made crisp clean beds, dust free furniture, freshly vacuumed and washed floors. It instantly makes you feel better just thinking about it now imagine if it was true…Maid Cleaning Services Calgary can make that happen for you, we want you to be happy and healthy!

Not only is a clean home important but also regular maintenance is crucial in assisting your home in lasting a lifetime without worries for you and your family. Some of the most important maintenance services that need to be completed are very simple to accomplish. Here is just a very short list of simple items.

  • Change your furnace filter on a regular basis- This is imperative in ensuring not only that your furnace will run smooth and last many years but it also helps keep the air in your home clean. Dirt and dust particles easily enter the furnace system and expels into your home. This is obviously crucial for any families that have allergies.
  • Cleaning your outside air vents, this goes hand in hand with your furnace system and furnace filter. Just by simply clearing the dust and dirt from your outside air intake vents will keep your furnace system running clean and smooth. Along with the outside air vents is the dryer vent, this one can build up very quickly with lint dust and dirt which forces your dryer to work much harder than necessary.

  • Cleaning your humidifier filter on a regular basis will ensure that it will run smoothly as well. The humidifier can build up with calcium that will eventually block the water entrance points which will in turn force everything to work harder not to mention the water mess it will leave outside of your furnace. If water continues to seep from the humidifier it will build up around the bottom of the furnace causing it to rust and age before it’s time.
  • Draining your hot water tank on the suggested intervals will help it to work easier and it will also save you money on the amount of gas used as the cleaner the tank the less effort it takes to heat the water to your desired temperature.

  • Keeping all your drains clean and clear will help with not only the obvious speed of the water draining but also keeps the smell from the drains from reaching into your home. As well as the gasses emitted.
  • Cleaning your stoves air filter will keep it from clogging up with grease from cooking and it will help it to run easier and more efficient.
  • Ensure that all your exterior downspouts are extended out and away from your home. Do your best to stop water from pooling around your foundation. Your foundation is porous and will eventually leak into your basement if left to continuously penetrate.

These are just a minimal number of maintenance requirements to assist in your home functions and life span but some very important ones, from your trusted Calgary home cleaners Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

Maid Cleaning Services Calgary

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